Experience Cool Comfort with EFI Automotive's Air Conditioning Services in Hobart

When it comes to your driving comfort, a fully functional air conditioning system is essential, especially in Hobart's varying climate. At EFI Automotive, we're your trusted partner for comprehensive Air Conditioning Services.

Our Car Air Conditioning Services cover:
- General Car Air Conditioning Service
- Fixing and Air Conditioning Repairs
- Servicing and regassing
- Compressor replacements
- Condenser Replacement
- Heater fan motor replacement
- Regassing
- HVAC Repair
- Auto-electrical repairs

There are many reasons why the temperature in your air conditioning system may stop cooling; low on gas, electrical or wiring faults, possible component failures in the system. We can test and check for all faults and get that cold air coming out of your vents again.

Our ARC Trading Authority number is AU51621.
For more information please visit www.arctick.org

Our Air Conditioning Services include:
- AC system diagnostics and repairs
- Refrigerant recharge and leak detection
- Component replacements
- Preventive maintenance
- Cabin air filter replacement
- Compressor & Condenser Replacements

We understand the importance of a reliable AC, especially during hot summers. That's why we're committed to providing prompt and efficient services, ensuring you get back on the road with a perfectly functioning air conditioning system.

Stay cool and enjoy your drive in any season. Contact EFI Automotive in Hobart today to schedule your Air Conditioning Service appointment. Beat the heat with our trusted automotive expertise!

We are Arctick certified.
ARC Licence number: AU51621